How to remove black mold from your home

cleaning mold

Have you heard of black mold? Did you realize it could be poisoning your household? Black mold is especially dangerous to older people and young kids.

There are medical issues that might occur with exposure bronchitis in addition to other respiratory problems, irritations and skin rashes, loss of memory and even ear infections and sinus infections, body aches and pains.

Symptoms of black mold

Some signs of vulnerability are itchy eyes, dizziness, sore throat and headaches. Since these are also signs of allergies, it’s sometimes not diagnosed to be black mold toxicity mold right away.

To babies, this could be hazardous as toxicity black mold exposure can be fatal. One serious condition which has been associated with black toxicity mold in babies is a pulmonary hemorrhage.

This causes bleeding from the lungs of the infant. In individuals, a small quantity of mold can cause permanent health issues that are serious.

How to spot black mold

The first indication that you have a mold problem may be a musty odor around the home.

Black mold is slimy and black. Mold grows anywhere where there are humid places. If you suspect a mold problem in some areas, you could check drawers and kitchen cupboards, closets and under the sink (especially if for a leak). Bear in mind that not all mold is toxic but any mold you suspect may be toxic needs to be eliminated right away.

How to get rid of black mold

You can try a black mould test kit to test around your house yourself or you might like to hire a professional mold buster to visit your home.

If you go the DIY route you’ll have to determine what’s causing the problem to be able to come up along with an action plan.

If the mold is growing because of high moisture within your home, you’ll have to lower the humidity. The very best way to achieve this is to buy a dehumidifier and install it in your home. The cost of a typical dehumidifier is between $200 and $500.

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