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You’ve heard all about mold, you have seen mold, and you’re worried about Black mold and infected black mold. You’ve even seen home mold test kits or mold analysis firms claim they can find and eliminate mold. So what’s the truth about black mold? Is it as dangerous as it is made out to be? We are the best mold buster around. Hire us and you won’t be disappointed.


Why do I need to remove mold in my home?

Mold grows where there is moisture and poor ventilation. It can grow anywhere and in any season. If mold is left untreated in these conditions, it will spread and can cause you and your family health problems.

How long does it take to remove mold?

Our standard MoldBuster will not disrupt your daily life. You need to vacate the house while we perform the treatment and for four hours after.

I think I have mold but I’m not sure I need this

Most people who think they have mold do in fact have more mold than they think. Contact us and ask for our MoldSampler test. We will do a test and have your results within a week.

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