Facts about mold and why mold is dangerous

old kitchen mold

If you’ve found a problem spot in your house where mold seems to be having a party and inviting its buddies you need to take action fast!

Mold is a killer that can ruin carpet, tiling, ceiling or the framework of your home. It’s also harmful to your health and is the reason for disorders and allergies.

Even if you have a spotless home and yard there’s certain to be mold hiding somewhere. Just because you cannot see it, does not mean it isn’t there.

Found a strange odor? It might be the cat or it might be mold. Hiding spots for mold include in crawl spaces where there is very still air and in leaking roofs and swimming pools.

Mold is connected to numerous major ailments that extend far beyond the allergy, including cot death, miscarriage, Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome, multiple sclerosis and cancer.

There are over 10 different kinds of mold – hopefully you don’t have a number of those in your home. The most common are hay mold, which as the name implies affects individuals that are suffering from allergies, pathogenic mold that could cause health problems like bacteria pneumonia, and toxigenic mold, the worst form which may affect everybody.

Anything from wood and paper, to leather and fabric, paint and cement, to tiles and carpet are susceptible to mold. As long as there’s plenty of food around, and a lot of humidity, the mold will be feasting.

Mold at home isn’t limited to the bathroom, attic, basement or connected to water damage. ANYWHERE where there’s water might help aid the growth of mold.

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