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Black Mold And Your Swimming Pool

swimming pool

Your swimming pool is one place that is likely to have mold. Mold in a backyard swimming pool looks untidy and has an unpleasant odor. But you don’t have to put up with it as swimming pool can be easily cleaned. Of course, if you happen to have already purchased the best automatic pool vacuum you can afford then it’s unlikely you will have a mold problem! If not, here are some ideas:

Clean it yourself

First, you’ll need to drain the water from the pool, to start cleaning the mold from your swimming pool. It is easier to work in an environment where you don’t have to battle with water splashing.

Second, the water will redistribute the mold and other parts of the pool are likely to get moldy too.

The cheapest way is to roll up your sleeves and to scrub your pool until all the mold is gone and your pool is sparkling. Another alternative is to use a pool cleaning chlorine that kills mold. Make sure you purchase a product designed specifically to clean pools.

Hire a professional

Depending on how bad the mold in your pool is, you might want to hire a pool cleaner to do the job properly. Cleaning mold from swimming pools can be a bit of a marathon – you need time and patience.

Of course, it depends on how big your pool is. Imagine trying to clean a pool yourself that’s the size of a football field, like this pool.

Maybe you might want to leave it to the professionals? I don’t blame you!